Pens & Pixels Art Jam Breakdown

Pens & Pixels Art Jam Breakdown

For the upcoming Art Jam, we wanted to breakdown the days events for you. Fill everyone in on what to expect, whats provided and what you may need to bring for yourself.

Participants should aim to arrive early, if not right on time. The jam will kick off quickly, and the sooner you re settled into your team we can begin the design brief and get you on your way to designing. 

Upon arriving at the Art Jam (10:00am), participants who have not registered as a team will be asked to honestly rate their skill level. On a 5 tier basis you will rate yourself from beginner to master. The goal is to break up the skill sets so that we do not get clumps of masters against clumps of beginners. After this you will be assigned to your 5 man team and we will begin.

After a quick design brief and a breakdown of the expectations on your teams final deliverables. Each team will be given a small general story breakdown document to use for reference. As well, every team will be assigned a single world within the larger universe (desert work, jungle world etc). The devilerables will be along the lines of characters, props, vehicles, weapons, environments and wildlife from your world. 

You now have 10 hours to work out as a team what it is you want your potion of the world to look like. The goal is to try and stay within a singular visual theme, matching as closely as possible to the general visual guidelines set out by your team and in the design brief. 

All artwork will need to be submitted by 9:00pm DIGITALLY. If you work only in traditional mediums we will have scanners and USB stick available. 

The last hour of the jam will be laid out for presenting everyones finished work. then after a small deliberation from the P&P judges, we will decide a winner and award there prize. Also remember all artwork submitted will be presented on our website, and live to many interested industry guests who will be joining us for the showcase. 

* Artwork will be judged based on your team completing the assigned tasks, matching the visual theme and creating a cohesive design that tells story about your world. 

What is provided for each team

  • Tables, chairs and white board.
  • Food and drink (we will not be catering to special dietary needs, if you have any, please bring your own refreshments.)
  • Scanners (scanning station to scan traditional medium into digital.)
  • Wireless (not hardline) internet.
  • Extension cords.

What participants should bring:

  • Laptop & tablet or mobile digital art pad. 
  • Sketchbook and pencils etc.
  • Personal art tools 
  • USB device for transferring files

Please do not bring:

  • Pc tower or desktop
  • Paints or canvas (we cannot stain or damage the event space)

Where is the Art Jam:

We are hosting the event at Makerspace North

250 City Centre, Bay 216
Ottawa, ON
K1R 6K7

If you have never been to Makerspace. It is located at the city centre. Across from the O-train bus stop on the transit way. Along the side of that building is warehouse space. Makerspace is in those warehouses (near the bakery). Walk along the front of the warehouses till you see the sign and it is on the second floor. We will have signs out out for the art jam. Once you arrive enter the back door, take the stairs all the way up and then find bay 216.