Two Days of the Artists' Alley at the OIGC

Two Days of the Artists' Alley at the OIGC

For the first year Pens & Pixels ran the Artists’ Alley at the 2015 Ottawa International Game Conference–it was an outstanding success! Our artists made industry connections, shook hands with the devs, and gained some great exposure.

This year Pens & Pixels ran the inaugural Artists' Alley at the Ottawa International Game Conference. Local artists submitted their artwork for a chance to have it printed on canvas (courtesy of CanvasPop) and displayed at the conference. 

The first day we set up around the entrance to the National Arts Centre. We displayed our prints on easels and laid our work our on tables. It was not long before the talent at the Artists' Alley started to draw attention. Most of that morning sped past with an exchange of business cards and networking. The artists were a hit!

By early afternoon we had set up the Algonquin College Concept Art Foundations booth. It was exciting to see many OIGC attendees from the game industry flock over. They were excited to hear about Algonquin developing a concept art stream at the college.

It was also very special to have so many people interested in Pens & Pixels. There was excitement from inside and out of Ottawa about the growth of a professional arts community. We had so many great opportunities to talk with industry, and are looking forward to working with our new connections to grow more of what Pens & Pixels has started in Ottawa, and beyond. 

The second day included more cards, handshakes, and exciting opportunities. It really felt like our artists stole the show! In the end the conference wrapped up with some exhausted but happy artists. I am sure we all look forward to next year, and the chance to host the Artists' Alley at the OIGC again!