Pens & Pixels Portfolio Review

Pens & Pixels Portfolio Review

Pens & Pixels is launching our latest service, online video portfolio reviews! Submit your online portfolio and have two professional artists give you advice and feedback on how to improve your most important professional asset.

Every month starting today, Pens & Pixels will take in your online portfolios and review them on our new YouTube channel. The reviews will be recorded on video with our two critics taking each portfolio and sharing their advice on every piece. Our goal is to give you the best feedback possible to help refine your work so you can nail down your professional concept art and illustration career.

Our two critics will be Tara Phillips, Art Director of Snowed In Studios and Mike Kent, Professor at Algonquin College's Concept Art Foundations program. Focusing on industry standards and expectations, our critics will use their knowledge and experience to constructively critique your submitted portfolios to help them grab the attention they deserve. 

The reviews will cover content, pacing, technique, and industry tricks on how to sell yourself. Each critique will provide feedback on how to aim your portfolio towards your desired artistic field, and will inform you on the best methods to tailor yourself for the job you want–including the graphic design of the portfolio, and the personal brand you have created online.


Submission criteria:

Professional Fields: Concept Art, Illustration, Game Design, Comic Book 

Format: Online web portfolio only please! Can be Behance, Artstation, Squarespace or whatever service you like to use. Personalized websites are always a plus!

Where/How: Submit a link to your portfolio and a brief description of your career goals by e-mail to:

Include the subject header: Pens & Pixels Portfolio Review 

Deadline: August 10th 12:00pm


We will be accepting in 10 portfolios for our first round of reviews, and will inform you if yours has been chosen to be reviewed in the upcoming episode by e-mail. If your portfolio does not make it in this month we will carry it forward to the next month, so stay tuned!