Schoolism Workshop Comes to Algonquin College!

Schoolism Workshop Comes to Algonquin College!

Algonquin college is hosting a Schoolism workshop, a day of live lessons from two of the best concept artists/Vis-dev's from industry. Ryan Lang and Nathan Fowkes join us in Ottawa for a day of arts & education.

Thanks to the efforts of Algonquin instructor and Pens & Pixels Chair Mike Kent, the college will be be running Ottawa's first Schoolism workshop. Schoolism is a online arts educational service who provides access to some of the best industry artists, the entertainment arts has to offer. Along with online resources they run live workshops, a chance to sit, meet and learn from their team of talented instructors. 

As an added bonus, the earnings from this event will go to the arts programs at Algonquin college. It will go to helping create grants and bursaries to help students pursuing arts education at Algonquin college!

The Ottawa Workshop will be run at the Algonquin Commons Theatre. The event will have two speakers Ryan Lang and Nathan Fowkes. Each will present a class on different subjects:

  •         Nathan Fowkes: Designing with Colour & Light
  •         Ryan Lang: Colour and lighting for Illustration

The event is on Feb 4th starting at:  10am - 6pm

    - Two speakers from Concept Art/Illustration for entertainment (games/films): 

        Ryan Lang:  Freelance visual development/ concept artist focusing on environment design, color and lighting, and Key Frame illustrations. His professional work includes work for Disney Feature Animated films Big Hero 6 and Wreck-it Ralph, Moana & Dr. Strange.

        Nathan Fowkes:  Concept artist for animation and entertainment projects. Teacher of drawing, painting, color and design. Notable clients include DreamWorks, Blue Sky and Disney.


    - Doors open at 9:30am

    - Start at 10:00am 

  •           Schoolism opening
  •           First speaker -  Ryan Lang
  •           One hour break 
  •           Second speaker - Nathan Fowkes

- Ends 6:00pm

  There will be a Networking/drinks event for students, reserved by Algonquin college programs. Students will have a chance to meet the speakers and Schoolism.

            *Networking event held in Algonquin Observatory

Grab your tickets at:

We look forward to seeing everyone there!