Critiques: Art Lessons 2

Critiques: Art Lessons 2

The second round of our art lessons is coming up fast! As a new addition the to day of learning, the instructors will be taking art from attendees and will do live critiques as part of the event.

For any of our current and future ticket holders, if you are interested in having a piece or two of your art critiqued by our industry experts teaching that day, well good news! You can! 

As an attendee you can pick which speaker you would like to have your art reviewed by. The critiques will happen after the speaker is done with their lesson. They will then do a draw over of your work to help you get the best out of each piece. 

There will be a Q & A portion after each talk and snack and beverages provided.

*The critique portion is only available to ticket holders, please refrain from submitting work if you are not planning on attending.   

You can upload your work through the google drive link below under the subject/teacher you want to review your work. 

Please Submit a .JPG for ease of use and name your file with your name.