Monthly Meet Ups

Monthly Meet Ups!

Starting in December Pens & Pixels will be hosting monthly concept art meet ups in our new home away from home The Blurry Pixel e-sport and gaming lounge! After the rave reviews and excitement generated from our Art Jam we hunted down a permanent home for all of us to meet. Now on a monthly basis join Pens & Pixels to network, create, share and learn together.

While these events are not as large or as involved as our others (like the art jam). We wanted to fill the request of our Pens & Pixel-ers and start hosting more creative session together more often.  We then set out to hunt down the perfect home for us to meet in. The Blurry Pixel was the perfect fit, a fresh start up gaming pub with food, drink and best yet booths with consoles, projectors and games galore. Best of all they were happy to have us!

Pens & Pixels will still be holding is larger events around the city, and we have big plans for the coming year. But with these meet ups we wanted to create a more social, interactive and networking friendly space. To spice up the meet ups each month we will be setting out a fun theme or art challenge for our attendees to participate in. Portfolio review nights, mini art jams, sketch nights and live drawing, we have a lot of ideas....there could be prizes! 

So join us for our first meet up on December 10th at 7:00pm at The Blurry Pixel. Bring a sketch pad and your tools and let start off our first gathering with some fun art challenges.


The Blurry Pixel

201 Queen St, Ottawa, ON K1P 5C9  

When : 7:00pm