Our first illustration & concept art workshop

Our first illustration & concept art workshop

For our third event we hosted our first illustration and concept art workshop! Our guest instructors taught three different subjects: dynamic figure drawing, digital painting, and life drawing!

Hosted at Algonquin College's student HUB, the event had three stations, a group and lesson per station. Each lesson took about an hour, after which every group would rotate to the next station. Each teacher brought a great lesson to the table.

Returning for his second time to Pens & Pixels, the talented Geof Isherwood joined us to teach a class on dynamic figure drawing. Tablet in hand, Geof guided students on how to create those dynamic and unforgettable Marvel hero poses!

Our second station was taught by Anne Morgan. Sharing her encyclopedic knowledge of anatomy, Anne gave us a lesson in life drawing with a focus on folds and fabrics. Huddled around the model, Anne whipped out all the tricks on replicating real-life to create the perfect fold. 

Lastly we had Mary Ellis give us a lesson in digital painting. Covering lighting and the occlusion method, Mary regaled us with techniques on how to use digital media to paint and create! 

After everyone had had their lesson, it was time to wind down. Thanks to the Algonquin Student Association, we were offered The Observatory for our students to wind down over a pint and poutine!

Pens & Pixels first round of art lessons was a rousing success. We were ready for more!