Pens & Pixels kicks-off with an evening of industry speakers

Pens & Pixels kicks-off with an evening of industry speakers

For our first, inaugural event we introduced some of the exciting work happening locally in Ottawa. The evening featured three talks from local artists and creatives, and an opening keynote from our very special guest speaker Geof Isherwood!

Our first Speaker was Mary Ellis, the program Coordinator for the Concept Art Foundations Program at Algonquin College. Teacher and talented artist, she shared her knowledge and some of what Algonquin brings to the art scene here in Ottawa!

Following Mary was Jessica Rousseau, artist and graphic designer. A creative in many forms covering fine art, fashion design, costuming, jewellery making, and of course, graphic design. After founding Jessica Rousseau Design in the fall of 2010, she has been passionately working with clients to realize their visions. Jessica spoke about her creative process and her experience working in industry.

The Third speaker of the night was Frederick Sebastian. Fred is the program coordinator for the new Concept Art and Illustration Program starting up at Algonquin College. Fred discussed his years of experience as a freelance illustrator, working with clients like The Ottawa Citizen, and what his new program will bring to the professional art scene!

Our final speaker was our keynote and special guest Geof Isherwood. Geof got his start with Marvel Comics, working on such titles as Silver Surfer, Conan the Barbarian, Daredevil and Doctor Strange. He has been involved in film as a storyboard artist and concept/production illustrator, working with the likes of Bryan Singer, Richard Donner and Darren Aronofsky. Geof has also painted and designed covers for Canadian and American publishers/authors; was featured in the publication Matrix; has created LINCOLN-16; and continues to develop graphic novel projects. Geof will spent the night slinging his crazy industry stories and years of experience!

The evening wrapped up with networking and snacks. Then we hit the pub for drinks and a chance to mingle with our guests! A perfect start for Pens & Pixels.