Art Jam

Art Jam

Pens & Pixels is hosting its very first Art Jam! Join us at Makerspace North on Oct 24 and take on the challenge of visually designing, creating and exploring a portion of a conceptual video game world.

What is an art jam? Our jam is similar to a game jam, but with a 100% focus on the concept art and illustration side of development. In a game jam you are are placed in teams, you then have a set amount of time to make a game. In ours, you have 10 hours to build an art bible, a visual library showcasing and demonstrating your ideas on what you think your portion of the world we are creating looks like. 

You will need to conceptualize, paint, draw and create props, monsters, characters, environments and then present them at the end of the event. The best team to complete the task will win a special prize from our sponsors!  

Each team will be working on a different location or level within our pre-arranged game world. Working within the theme and guidelines, participants will work together to create their part of the whole universe. By the end we should have an expanded universe explored from multiple points of view. Use your creativity and imagination to create your ideas and show them off to everyone!


    Main Goal: Create a art bible exploring your assigned world.

         - Art and visual development of concepts and creations

         - Complete given list of assets and deliverables provided at the event

         - Present and maintain theme for showcase at the end of event.

         - Final product must be digital art (scanners will be provided for those who like to start with traditional media)


     Teams can be pre-arrange by ordering a bundle of tickets under one name, Team limit is 5 people per team. However if your group is smaller reserve your tickets for those who are coming and we will add individual participants to fill the missing slots. 


October 24th at 10:00am - 10:00pm 


Makerspace North

250 City Centre, Bay 216
Ottawa, ON
K1R 6K7