Art Jam 2

Art Jam 2

The Art Jam is an art based creative event based on game jams with a pure focus on the creative. The goal is to create an art bible, a collections of concept art and illustrations exploring a fictional world.


Date & Time:

July 27th
10:00 - 6:00pm
You.i Tv
300 Legget Drive


The jam works like this, in one 8 hour sitting the artists gather and form teams. Working in teams, each are assigned a location/theme to work under. Teams then work collaboratively on making characters, environments and props for that theme. The goal is to complete the initial concept phase and reach assigned goals. From there you will have 2 weeks to take some work home and complete more complex and time consuming illustrations. 


You need only bring your preferred mode of digital and traditional drawing/painting. The final product you deliver will need to be digital for the printing, so if you work primarily with paper be sure to have a good camera or scanner. 

At the end the art you make will be collected and assembled into a book. This book will be published by Darkhorse comics.

Our sponsors are You.i and The Kindly Beast who will be providing the space, tech, food and drink for the event. Food wise you will be provided with a full lunch and a fully stocked kitchen for the day. They do a great job providing all sorts of goodies too. 



Regarding the book and your art. The result of the art jam is to produce a book for publish. Meaning your art will be used and sold in copies of the book. Pens & pixels remains a not for profit organization, the money earned from sales of the book will go into paying for the development and publishing costs as well into future events and expanding the art jam in the future. 

Your art work will remain yours, you will be simply agreeing that we may use your art on this book and this book alone. Everything you create you are free to use how you want after the jam is done. You will also receive a full authors credit in the book and a small bio space.